Interview by John A Reyes, ‘Jar of Poetry’

Other bloggers and writers have done similar: A collaboration as writers and poets. It helps us to connect as coworkers and friends. In my opinion, an honour and a new way to meet other writers. John Reyes, webmaster of ‘A Jar Of Poetry’, has asked me to collaborate with him for this interview:

‘Today, we will be sitting down with Hajar from InTheGardenHouse after a thought-provoking haiku to start JOP’s Collaboration Month. In an interview style post, here’s a better look at the writer I follow and worked with on Thoughts in a Jar.

Hajar, thank you so much for collaborating with me and joining me to know a little more about you! Since following your site, I always look forward to reading your nature-themed poetry. Here’s my first question, what inspires you to write what you do?

I’m interested in forms, sounds, scents, and colors of nature around us. It never ceases to amaze me! My immediate surroundings have always been my first source of happiness, both at home and abroad.

What is the overall message you want to convey each time you post on your site? Is it to bring awareness to the beauty of nature or is there something more?

Foremost: The beauty of nature. How exquisite it all is, the immediate joy it can give us, if we look closely.

Visiting your site, I clicked on your About Page. It read: “Mainly for photography & (some) poetry.” If you were to pick one, which would you choose to highlight the most? Your writing or photography?

A photo with a short explanatory text feels a bit small. A photo doesn’t need to be explained to be enjoyed. A poem, however, gives it extra value. So, probably photography has a slight priority but a poem truly finishes it.

I can definitely agree with that! There are some writers that have a talent for their poetry to stand on its own. You and many writers, myself included, love having a visual to complement what we post. Personally, I think photographers like you and many others that I follow have the upper hand when it comes to deciding which image to use.

Now, I know this may sound like an Award’s Question but I have to ask, how long have you been blogging for? What motivated you to start?

I started in 2008 with my first blog. It’s still online. I took several breaks from that one but will surely continue. I was motivated by religious disputes, at the time very prevalent. I felt I had to highlight some Islamic texts and compare them with ancient philosophy. The blog’s name is In 2009, I started another blog, this time at WordPress which I still use frequently. It’s called I started this current blog as a test and exercise blog but ended up using it, since recently, with some extra emphasis on photography.

Wow! You have been blogging for that long?! That’s amazing! Now the question I couldn’t wait to ask, which photo or poem means the most to you and what’s the story behind it?

The most meaningful? I think one of my older blog entries, ‘Today’, gives a good representation of the issues in life that keep my mind and person on the go every day. Every day is a new chance for a new beginning, be it something small or a long-term project. Every day, there’s something that moves me, literally, be it work, a thought, an observation, or entertainment.

Image given permission from the owner to use and captioned for emphasis

Today is a new day

A chance to find our way

A new dawn

To enjoy shade on the lawn


Hajar, thank you so much for hanging out with me and letting me know a little more about the writer, photographer, and poet I follow. Nature-themed poetry and photography have always pushed my imagination to know more about the world around us. You and others in this poetic genre are a gift to have and I enjoy every moment of it. It really is an honor to have collaborated with you. Thank you so much!

Thank you very much John. It’s an honor to collaborate like this with you.

Jar of Poetry’s Collaboration Interview

I love this interview and our conversation, John 💛⭐

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  1. John A Reyes says:

    It was a pleasure Hajar!

  2. It certainly was; I’m always ready for such cooperation @}}- 🙂

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