A New Year Thought

Corona won’t end Bird diseases may spread by air Disease may be a ‘setback’ for warfare Climate debate & complaint won’t end Any good news? I have one mention: The Netherlands try to tackle corruption May coming year be better, healthier & more peaceful for all of us 💛🌟 @agardenhouse

Solstice Day

Rain is pooring Tornados over Belgium, the other day For now, it doesn’t look promising Memory tells me, solstice day is often gray @agardenhouse

Summer Solstice

Enjoy Summer (( * * )) @}}- &: Enjoy today’s Sun eclipse (( * ))

New Direction

From now, I will use this blog for photography, mainly. I hope you enjoy my pictures @}}- @hajarsgardenhome


Vacation is over Or, Winter starts Couches & Summer gear R locked up New vacation, perhaps another stay 🙂 @hajarsgardenhome