No Travel

Vacation at home means pursuing Regular hobbies, just to unwind But, it also means no distancing From the local grind @agardenhouse


My own lovely area, Will be my desteny Our main lesson, is modesty Garden, bicycle, coffee & tea @agardenhouse

Summer On The Way

As great as it is, It looks like, we’ll be homebound When I look at this, I think: Nothing wrong with familiar ground @agardenhouse

Water Way

Waterlilies cover the canal Fishermen find it too cold today Nowadays, I keep entertainment local Such as this scenic way @agardenhouse

Quarantine Rule May Stay

We may never go back to traffic jammed roads. Working from home will remain rule. This will be to counter nitrogen & other pollution.

Photo Today

Not the first of this water way I ever took Now & then, I come here & look; Capture the situation of the night or day @agardenhouse