A New Year Thought

Corona won’t end Bird diseases may spread by air Disease may be a ‘setback’ for warfare Climate debate & complaint won’t end Any good news? I have one mention: The Netherlands try to tackle corruption May coming year be better, healthier & more peaceful for all of us 💛🌟 @agardenhouse

Housing Crisis

Worldwide phenomenon these days Once people get it That only they themselves can solve it They will have a key to efficient ways More living together is only answer There’s a grown up new generation When their parent is still a worker But, there never is space for expansion The exponential way, as is propagated…

Corruption Worries

The Netherlands these days bleed Undemocratic, obsolete political structure & Reallocation of wealth, brought a culture Of unhindered government greed To be brief: Collectivism is satan’s seed @agardenhouse

Scientists Say

Some scientists say, about to die is humanity In some hundred years They say, humanity is its own worst enemy A thought linked to pollution & climate fears @agardenhouse

Today After Fifteen Months — Daily Observation

Most quarantine rules were abolished Vaccination proof is now obligatory One & a half meters still compulsory Mask rules have been diminished @douryeh Today After Fifteen Months — Daily Observation A reblog from my other, main blog 🌺☕

Earthday @}}-

Remember the trees abloom Don’t just cut them — you want to breathe & The cattle — don’t make them clench their teeth Forgive me, if this sounds like a lecture of doom @agardenhouse

My Weather Forecast

Imo, what will happen, coming years Many people have strong fears Of global warming & The direction ocean currents are streaming That el Niño & el Niña are tropical engineers Also there, where Winters were freezing I think, an unusual pattern adheres To temperatures that keep climbing Be safe & be brave, coming years 💙💚💛…


A rise of the fascist party Led to left wing access to government That, led to impoverished economy; Surreal policies for the environment; Immigration that needs diminishing @agardenhouse

Global Warming

Sun intensity of May in February I am not the only one to notice I’m willing to enjoy new weather practice Am I the only one to worry? @agardenhouse


It’s not only about cultural adaptation Also house & land planning make or break Success of immigration Third aspect, only government can make @agardenhouse