A New Year Thought

Corona won’t end Bird diseases may spread by air Disease may be a ‘setback’ for warfare Climate debate & complaint won’t end Any good news? I have one mention: The Netherlands try to tackle corruption May coming year be better, healthier & more peaceful for all of us πŸ’›πŸŒŸ @agardenhouse

The World Scene

Events & heroes, to me, May be a fond or a bit darker story Both in the present & in history The edge isn’t always sharp on me @agardenhouse β˜•

A New Season

Covid or no covid, vacations are over Maybe, we can go to school & business & Enjoy seasonal transformation finesse We see nature start things over We’ve just made choices, one or two Usually, a ride must continue It’s wisdom to learn traveling light Because less luggage is more might I’d love to see the…

Global Warming

Sun intensity of May in February I am not the only one to notice I’m willing to enjoy new weather practice Am I the only one to worry? @agardenhouse

Early Spring

‘Thanks to’ global warming, It looks like an early Spring, again So fiercely the Sun is shining Situation with loss, but also with gain @agardenhouse


You want an easy, Rewarding photo topic? The stillife is fun @agardenhouse

Recurring Joys

Each month has its own Animal, Moon, plant, weather Enjoy their return @agardenhouse

Endlessness of Time

Ibn Roshd used to say: ‘God did not create in time’ There’s no start or end @agardenhouse

A Look At The Past

Looking at the Moon, Is a look at our recent past Unlike star light, its light reaches us soon Star gazing, may be viewing millennia of years past @agardenhouse