The following entry is taken from the diary called Dreams.   And a huge black cat is there in my room, like the one in The Master and Margarita. However, it doesn’t walk on two legs, like the pigs in Animal Farm. But it talks unlike any other cat. The Cat is there […] THE CAT…

— Haiku out of Africa

one mind loves to flow ~ the other just wants to fly ~ meeting in a thought cloud — Haiku out of Africa Enjoyed this Thanks for sharing 🌸 @agardenhouse

Thoughts in a Jar

A jar has many functions ~ Hence, anything as simple (so we think) as a jar, may inspire many thoughts @}}-

Interview by John A Reyes, ‘Jar of Poetry’

Other bloggers and writers have done similar: A collaboration as writers and poets. It helps us to connect as coworkers and friends. In my opinion, an honour and a new way to meet other writers. John Reyes, webmaster of ‘A Jar Of Poetry’, has asked me to collaborate with him for this interview: ‘Today, we…