The sea, feeling it again The Sunshine on slow waves, the fish A tower on a mountain, Almost in the water; the seafood dish Missing out on Spring & Summer scent, Made me a proper child of covid19 age Towards insecurities of warfare, we’re bent Still, Summer’s slight wind moves the foliage There’s also a…

Writing a Letter

Uneasely forgotten are some people Yet, shift did my focus of attention There’s new stuff in a dominion Every crest needs its own people I’ve seen your artist development You don’t need much encouragement It’s time for your public coming out Probable success — do not much doubt If ever you want to ‘use a…

End Of The Year

Wrapping up last obligations Don’t we all fulfill some of those actions Enjoying cosy dark evenings Winter’s best moments are those musings Merry Christmas & a happy new year 🌟🌲 @agardenhouse

Love To Be In Love

It’s a wish for many of us To be in love with someone But, when we think it indeed came to us, Do we truly know if it’s the one? Sometimes, we just barge on In thoughts & perception & Take a friendship or connection For passionate love There’s a reason, Why people don’t pursue…

Perspective & Time | Perspectief & Tijd

Also big events seem to leave no mark On long term development Speed leaves only a spark From the slow wheel of the firmament @agardenhouse Ook grote gebeurtenissen lijken geen sporen Na te laten op lange termijn ontwikkeling Snelheid laat slechts een vonk gloren Uit het trage wiel van het uitspansel in omwenteling @agardenhouse

The World Scene

Events & heroes, to me, May be a fond or a bit darker story Both in the present & in history The edge isn’t always sharp on me @agardenhouse ☕

Housing Crisis

Worldwide phenomenon these days Once people get it That only they themselves can solve it They will have a key to efficient ways More living together is only answer There’s a grown up new generation When their parent is still a worker But, there never is space for expansion The exponential way, as is propagated…

Corruption Worries

The Netherlands these days bleed Undemocratic, obsolete political structure & Reallocation of wealth, brought a culture Of unhindered government greed To be brief: Collectivism is satan’s seed @agardenhouse


Moments when you’re not strong, You’re easier prey to those Whose intentions are wrong Shield yourself from those They can be institutions Or individuals with intentions We can describe as abuse & Actions intended to bemuse Protect your fortress, be well @agardenhouse 🔒


Making a choice is rejecting another choice What’s best? ~ Don’t we all want to rejoice There may be no people or easy answers to assist All I see is, the standard answer doesn’t exist @agardenhouse