Done It Is

Last full Moon this morning Now that the year is ending Happy New Year to you all More favorably may we roll @agardenhouse

Midwinter Fest

Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity: They all somehow celebrate Midwinter It ignores Southern hemisphere’s Midsummer Let’s admit, Islam, here, has universality @agardenhouse Nevertheless, Happy Holidays Whatever you celebrate 💛🌟


It’s not only about cultural adaptation Also house & land planning make or break Success of immigration Third aspect, only government can make @agardenhouse

My EU forecast

What’s gonna happen next decades Get back to local currencies, Perhaps as 2nd, 3rd currencies Get out of Anglosaxons’ shades More ties with Turkey, SW-Asia, China & Most of all, with Russia @agardenhouse


Starting the day with poetry Reading or writing, Is a way of fortifying The day’s intention & energy @agardenhouse

Digest The Day

Work, the papers; conversation, the meal The outdoors; a hot beverage to somehow heal @agardenhouse


This moment is an appreciated artist inspiration Yet, once we think it’s reached, it’s gone There’s no moment, there’s only succession & Developments going on @agardenhouse

A Look Forward

Covid19 situation may ease up on us People will refocus on global warming Later next year, business may start growing There will be fresh political topics to discuss @agardenhouse

Two Main Threads

This year, I’ve seen two developments: Global warming & the lockdown To people, these were fearful predicaments They sometimes fear a full meltdown @agardenhouse

Eternity & Endlessness

We have difficulty grasping & accepting There’s no beginning nor ending There is no emptiness nor nothing There’s only a start or end to one thing @agardenhouse