A New Season

Covid or no covid, vacations are over Maybe, we can go to school & business & Enjoy seasonal transformation finesse We see nature start things over We’ve just made choices, one or two Usually, a ride must continue It’s wisdom to learn traveling light Because less luggage is more might I’d love to see the…

Majesty of Plants

We need to see creatures that thrive Farming shows miracles we don’t always see Of anything as basic as endive Did you know how it resembles a christmas tree @agardenhouse

Scientists Say

Some scientists say, about to die is humanity In some hundred years They say, humanity is its own worst enemy A thought linked to pollution & climate fears @agardenhouse

Digital Highway

Fast connections do we owe the net ~ But, sometimes those are a bet Analogue life on the floor Is #stillnot defeated & teaches more 🖥 Internet gave us a virtual work place That may be good for the environment On the other hand, online money has no face & Is damaging to our very…

Today After Fifteen Months — Daily Observation

Most quarantine rules were abolished Vaccination proof is now obligatory One & a half meters still compulsory Mask rules have been diminished @douryeh Today After Fifteen Months — Daily Observation A reblog from my other, main blog 🌺☕

Deduction & Observation

It’s easy to prove Gods existence By deduction Even as a scientific concept, it has credulence Therefore, such proof fails by observation @agardenhouse

Solstice Day

Rain is pooring Tornados over Belgium, the other day For now, it doesn’t look promising Memory tells me, solstice day is often gray @agardenhouse

Forgiveness, But Also Learning

We need to move on from certain situations Moving on, flexibility; it’s often called forgiveness It doesn’t absolve us from improving relations With others & ourselves, in honesty & fairness That’s not necessarily blaming & framing Personal life, politics, & society need it: Fact finding A search for causes of what went wrong We need…

Earthday @}}-

Remember the trees abloom Don’t just cut them — you want to breathe & The cattle — don’t make them clench their teeth Forgive me, if this sounds like a lecture of doom @agardenhouse