Winter Light

Moonlight Reflected light Candle’s & other artificial light As little as it is, it still has might @agardenhouse

Graceful Shapes

They are an uplifting, grateful topic For an artist To add something harmonious, symmetric, Is a variation without being an antagonist @agardenhouse

Summer On The Way

As great as it is, It looks like, we’ll be homebound When I look at this, I think: Nothing wrong with familiar ground @agardenhouse

A Few Stilllives

As an art topic, A stilllife can be graceful & Colorful It may keep your collection energetic @agardenhouse

First Coffee

Didn’t it taste like heaven My days, it will always enliven But, it was great doing without it Less, will keep more fit @agardenhouse


First time since weeks Coffee & pie It brought extra color on the cheeks & Visitors dropped by @agardenhouse

Main Tools

Light, color, shape & depth are Photographers’ & painters’ Instruments, freely available in the jar, Meaning the world, home of all trotters @agardenhouse

Ramadan in Mecca

Normally, several millions of pilgrims would have been present in the Haram. Now, only a very small number of people attent Tarawwiyeh prayers. I’ve seen that number grow steadily over the weeks, however. Observing covid19 protocol remains important.

Prime Minister

In these strange days, The PM has been resilient & At the right moment, alert The people are protected, in most ways @agardenhouse

Local Square

It’s home to the local war monument It’s just been renovated & Is home now to a big playground & New vegetable garden, too @agardenhouse