Eternity & Endlessness

We have difficulty grasping & accepting There’s no beginning nor ending There is no emptiness nor nothing There’s only a start or end to one thing @agardenhouse

— Haiku out of Africa

one mind loves to flow ~ the other just wants to fly ~ meeting in a thought cloud — Haiku out of Africa Enjoyed this Thanks for sharing 🌸 @agardenhouse

A Missing Piece

One aspect is missing from what humans know: Is it all pre-planned or a connected coincidal flow? @agardenhouse

A Life Passion

I’ve seen many bloggers write about ‘Being me’ ‘Myself is good enough’ ‘Love yourself’ Stuff like that So, why not contribute a word? @}}- Some of us think, Our passion lies in other people Yet, other people are their own identity With their own DNA, passions, agendas They are not on your leash They don’t…


A shape is an outline Depth sizes its content Many people thus see & define Even the psyche’s cement @agardenhouse

Square Shapes

The equal sizes of the square Symbolize anything simple & fair In many topics, it stands for a solid start This aspect speaks to professionals’ heart @agardenhouse

Vacation For A While

The blog may enter a quiet phase The Reader may be used, to be informed of your ways Be Safe, may your path be illuminated by the Sun’s rays @agardenhouse


You want an easy, Rewarding photo topic? The stillife is fun @agardenhouse


First crop has been collected May plenty follow This project gave great joy & some sorrow The reward doesn’t only come from harvest collected @agardenhouse