Young people, before independent finance, Usually haven’t met evil yet Unless they met this or other sufferance I’m thankful if this hasn’t happened yet @agardenhouse

My Weather Forecast

Imo, what will happen, coming years Many people have strong fears Of global warming & The direction ocean currents are streaming That el Niño & el Niña are tropical engineers Also there, where Winters were freezing I think, an unusual pattern adheres To temperatures that keep climbing Be safe & be brave, coming years 💙💚💛…

Days Of Remembrance

Believer or not, Easter remembers us Of the life to come, one expected day It should at least make us not miss the bus That drives the rewarding way 💛🥚 Happy Easter @agardenhouse


A rise of the fascist party Led to left wing access to government That, led to impoverished economy; Surreal policies for the environment; Immigration that needs diminishing @agardenhouse

Global Warming

Sun intensity of May in February I am not the only one to notice I’m willing to enjoy new weather practice Am I the only one to worry? @agardenhouse

Early Spring

‘Thanks to’ global warming, It looks like an early Spring, again So fiercely the Sun is shining Situation with loss, but also with gain @agardenhouse

Done It Is

Last full Moon this morning Now that the year is ending Happy New Year to you all More favorably may we roll @agardenhouse

Midwinter Fest

Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity: They all somehow celebrate Midwinter It ignores Southern hemisphere’s Midsummer Let’s admit, Islam, here, has universality @agardenhouse Nevertheless, Happy Holidays Whatever you celebrate 💛🌟


It’s not only about cultural adaptation Also house & land planning make or break Success of immigration Third aspect, only government can make @agardenhouse

My EU forecast

What’s gonna happen next decades Get back to local currencies, Perhaps as 2nd, 3rd currencies Get out of Anglosaxons’ shades More ties with Turkey, SW-Asia, China & Most of all, with Russia @agardenhouse