Corruption Worries

The Netherlands these days bleed Undemocratic, obsolete political structure & Reallocation of wealth, brought a culture Of unhindered government greed To be brief: Collectivism is satan’s seed @agardenhouse


A rise of the fascist party Led to left wing access to government That, led to impoverished economy; Surreal policies for the environment; Immigration that needs diminishing @agardenhouse


It’s not only about cultural adaptation Also house & land planning make or break Success of immigration Third aspect, only government can make @agardenhouse

Again, On Television

May 4 & 5, 75 years peace; remembrance of the fallen in world war two. Only a very small group of people was present. No large group festivals or ceremonies possible in corona days. These days of confinement, I’ve made a habit of taking tv-screen pictures of scenes I want to memorize, such as these,…