A New Year Thought

Corona won’t end Bird diseases may spread by air Disease may be a ‘setback’ for warfare Climate debate & complaint won’t end Any good news? I have one mention: The Netherlands try to tackle corruption May coming year be better, healthier & more peaceful for all of us 💛🌟 @agardenhouse

Writing a Letter

Uneasely forgotten are some people Yet, shift did my focus of attention There’s new stuff in a dominion Every crest needs its own people I’ve seen your artist development You don’t need much encouragement It’s time for your public coming out Probable success — do not much doubt If ever you want to ‘use a…

End Of The Year

Wrapping up last obligations Don’t we all fulfill some of those actions Enjoying cosy dark evenings Winter’s best moments are those musings Merry Christmas & a happy new year 🌟🌲 @agardenhouse