Love To Be In Love

It’s a wish for many of us

To be in love with someone

But, when we think it indeed came to us,

Do we truly know if it’s the one?

Sometimes, we just barge on

In thoughts & perception

& Take a friendship or connection

For passionate love

There’s a reason,

Why people don’t pursue

A supposed love companion

Or don’t succeed in being true

There’s not enough love in the heart

Even if they badly want it

Honesty to self is the start

And some analysis of a misfit

Not unusual is this mistake:

Thinking they were in love

But, didn’t bake

A crush into a full cake

Lessons come with a price

But, also with a reward

Be your core’s loving guard

The soul gives best advice

The soul is with God,

Our first & last love

In or out of love ~

We start & end with God

All else, has no guarantee

Nor permanence

Yet, we share dependence

We are not truly free


Have a good Friday & Weekend



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