Twinsoul & Twinflame

A popular topic among bloggers ~

Other writers can be challengers


I tend to believe in their existence

But, have no evidence

Thereโ€™s no scientific observation

Yet, people strongly claim a position


If indeed they exist, I’d say they’re about

A connection, a union throughout

An unbreakable spiritual tie with a person

Who indeed may be your soul’s other halve

I know people claiming they met the person ~

In the crowd, they recognized their other halve


Our twinsoul — the love of our life;

Destined as our husband or wife?

It can be love, a genuine match

Yet, it may not lead to full hatch


Decisive other factors may need to be same

What if your twinsoul or twinflame

Has other culture, nationality, religion, country

Has low standards, or crime isn’t just history

Has or will have another spouse or partner

Or is otherwise not your prefential corunner

Or, the above applies to you ~

Hence a partnership may not come true


True love isn’t always given & found

Be happy on solid ground โ˜•



(Writing this, I thought, without judgement claims, about several people who say to have met their twinsoul)

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