Majesty of Plants

We need to see creatures that thrive Farming shows miracles we don’t always see Of anything as basic as endive Did you know how it resembles a christmas tree @agardenhouse

Love’s Fate

There’s love we may so badly want to pursue ~ Which is luckily an often successful condition Yet, sometimes, there’s this position: Swallow — it will likely not come true One or both of you, lack time or opportunity To bring love to life & full blossom Or, you think you can’t be happy Or,…

Many Ways To Love

Obviously, I love to start with our fav love Nr 1 on the mind will always be erotic love We’d like to harmonise it with partner love 💞 But, there are so many other ways to love Family love Friends’ love Animal love Self love Love of nature Love of cosmos, for sure Or God’s…

Scientists Say

Some scientists say, about to die is humanity In some hundred years They say, humanity is its own worst enemy A thought linked to pollution & climate fears @agardenhouse